Get the most out of your visit to the EcoCenter!

We offer multiple tour options during our regular operating hours from 9:30 am-3:30 pm, Wednesday through Saturday. Tour choices include:

  • Impromptu Tours: Staff are available during the Center’s operating hours to answer questions about the facility’s history, sustainable systems, and educational programs. These tours are free and are intended as a “quick start guide” to the building and environmental justice history. An impromptu tour lasts approximately five minutes.
  • Scheduled Tours: EcoCenter staff are able to lead a free, one-hour in-depth tour of the facility’s history and sustainable systems. Our tours are tailored to meet your needs and can focus on any of our sustainable systems, ranging from the science behind solar energy to the architecture of living roofs. Please fill out a tour request form here at least three weeks prior to your visit.

K-12 Education and Youth Group Tours Available

K-12 Education and Youth Groups: the EcoCenter offers ten free and NGSS-aligned education programs with age-appropriate integrated facility tours. Please register to learn more about our program offerings and how to make a reservation.